About me

The Central Valleys of Oaxaca, where I spent my childhood, hover at the clash of the two great sierras of the country of Mexico. My people, the descendants of the ancient Zapotec regime, find ourselves suspended at 1555 meters above sea level, between earth and heaven, life and death, shadow and light. In my career to date, as a Zapotec-Chinantec photographer, I have danced in the middle of this intersection of life and death, of color and discoloration, of darkness and light, seeking to speak to the unity of the two, in spite of their seeming contrast. As a photographer, I strive each day to show life´s beauty and drama. Rather than just making a daily register of the superficial or external changes in the environment, I seek to capture the emotion of particular moments, of certain lights. I see life as a dynamic and changing energy; and that´s why my hope is that my photographs will serve as a time capsule, transmitting a clear and timeless message to any person that might observe them.